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Thread: Trip to Lonesome Lake w/ Outing Club

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    Trip to Lonesome Lake w/ Outing Club

    First a big thanks to all who helped with thoughts on helping to prepare the hs outing club where I teach on many of their first winter overnights. With that preparation, and the wisdom and enthusiasm of the Outing Club leaders who I helped chapperone for, the greatest problems occured off the trail...

    So to start with the problems...I blew a tire in Franconia Notch. I was ahead of the others in the group, and was so focused on pulling over with my flat that I didn't realize that I was about 300 yards from the trailhead with my tire off by the time the rest of the group arrived. They got a kick out of that!

    We spotted cars at Lafayette Place and took off up the Basin Cascades trail. The trail was packed and hard, most kids wore snowshoes for traction, some got away with Yak Tracks, I barebooted with crampons at ready hand. Lots of water in the brook, little ice after the recent thaw and rainstorm. Postholing was non-existant unless you stepped off the trail. We had a sled with a bundle of wood in it, and had the track stars pull it to level the field!

    At the first stream crossing we had a good lesson in group dynamics...trying to shuttle 10 kids across a swollen stream. Snowshoes off, packs off, pep talk, balance help, pep talk, jump to shore, water break, snowshoes on, packs time 30 minutes! It reminded me of a ropes course obstacle!

    As we had just finished up, two goofers (20 somethings) with sneakers, sweatpants, hoodies, and a small 'daypack', came up to the stream, and the kids got a good lesson in what not to do, as they soaked through and thankfully turned around. Our lessons had gotten through to our kids, as I heard lots of quiet comments like "cotton kills" and "they weren't taking care of their feet"

    The rest of the trip up went smoothly, we arrived about an hour before a glorious sunset, and spent the night playing balderdash and warming up in the cabin. The sleeping weather was perfect, and though the kids were 'cold', none of them were COLD! (I think we all know the difference).

    All but one of the kids was out on the lake for a pretty, but largely unphotogenic sunrise. A hearty breakfast, and quick hike out, and a successful trip ending in smiles, comradere, and accomplishment!

    I certainly won't post pictures of the kids themselves online, but here's two that capture the mood and weather of the hike! Thanks again for all those who helped with thoughts earlier this year...

    Early morning sendoff:

    A brief bit of sunset color:
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    Really nice, as usual!

    happy trails

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    Ahh, Jimmy, 'tis great thing that you do, teachin' the young ones to love the forest and crags!

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    Beautiful pics!
    Sounds like a great time, good for you !
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    Nice effort, Jim. Sounds like your kids had a great time!

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    Great stuff, w7xman, and thanks for being one who can share!

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