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Thread: Mont Blanc shrinks 18 inches in 2 years

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    Mont Blanc shrinks 18 inches in 2 years

    Eventually it'll be no bigger than Mt Washington. Time to plan a trip for next year.
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    it was those 18 inches that held us back this past june. giggy said there was no way he was going to climb the last few inches.. so we turned around.

    video evidence

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    I'd make a joke about the shrinkage being caused by the cold, but I don't want to get banzed...

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    Quote Originally Posted by J.Dub View Post
    I'd make a joke about the shrinkage being caused by the cold,
    Just like I'd make a joke about the 18 inches..
    but I don't want to get banzed...
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    I think this is the far more interesting tidbit:

    also found that the highest point on the mountain had shifted 26 metres closer to Italy but remained in France.
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    Probably too many peak baggers taking souvenirs from the summit...

    Actually 18 inches in 2 years is huge... (unless it's a measurement error)

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    I bet all of that snow went into summit jacuzzis.

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    Since the arctic sea ice has grown by 30% over the last two years, I was wondering where the ice was coming from. The darn French must be moving it up, they must be really busy when then work those 20 hours a week.

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    Geez I hope Mt Tecumseh and Isolation don't loose any elevation or its off the list for them. Anyone measured their elevation lately? ;')

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