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Thread: Hiker Rescued from Mt Moosilauke

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    Quote Originally Posted by erugs View Post
    Nope, Billy. Some things are obvious, but I'm not oblivious to the fact that some people think 60 is too old to be out hiking. Let's keep the fun going and the smilies to help when other's might not "get it."
    I just bought my "Geezer Pass". Not that I consider 62 old, either. I've waited a long time for the damn thing, so I'm rather proud of it. Might just buy a second at that price so I can just leave one in each glove compartment. No more shelling out $80 per year.

    My current "hiker hero" is a 75 year-old friend who I have a hard time keeping up with. After about 3K' of vertical I can usually catch up to him, but before that - he's way ahead.

    Attitude plays a large role, but you can't ignore genetics, either. They're both factors.

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    One of the important lessons I have learned is...."It isn't the age, its the milage that counts." Just like buying a used car. Counting both the days and the nights, anybody got high milage?

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    I hope I'm still able to hop when I'm 90.

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    Quote Originally Posted by audrey View Post
    I hope I'm still able to hop when I'm 90.
    Your goal is too easy to reach, Audrey. Shoot for 100 at least

    So when you reach the bottom line
    The only thing to do is climb
    Pick yourself up off the floor
    Anything ya want is yours

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    That article was perfectly timed, ChipC. Not to brag, but my mom was in her very late 70s when she and I hiked the Monadnock-Sunapee Trail. Not just once, but twice on most of our trips, because they were always in and out to the same trailhead hikes as we didn't usually car spot. Last month, at 88, she retired from her job as church organist. A dear hiking friend just turned 80 last week, and he's out on the trail regularly. Not just little hikes, either, but to places like Isolation last summer. We need more such role models.

    Volunteer Maintainer: East Pond Trail

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