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Thread: The Bridges of the East Branch Truck Road (aka Pemi East Side Trail)

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    The Bridges of the East Branch Truck Road (aka Pemi East Side Trail)

    Back during Tropical Storm Irene in 2011, an extremely large culvert was washed out on the East Branch Truck Road/Pemi East Side Trail about one mile in from Lincoln Woods. Hikers have been rock hopping the stream at this culvert ever since. The Forest Service decided they would replace the culvert with a bridge. The work is finally complete, the bridge is in and no more rock hopping is needed.

    Not only did they replace that culvert with a brand new bridge, as a bonus they went ahead and built three more brand new bridges within that one mile stretch so now there are four brand new bridges within one mile on that road/trail. The East Branch Truck Road and Pemi East Side Trail used to be one and the same but now they have split. Hikers using the official trail will now cross two of the new bridges and portions of the old road. The other two new bridges are on the newly built portion of the truck road but can also still be hiked by hikers. Hikers will want to hike the entire road at least once to visit all four of the new bridges to view the beautiful, solid (and probably expensive) construction. The East Branch Truck Road/Pemi East Side Trail provides access to many popular trails including the Thoreau Falls Trail.

    Bridge #1

    Bridge #2

    Bridge #3

    Bridge #4. This is where the large culvert used to be located.

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    Quote Originally Posted by J&J View Post
    Pemi East Side Trail... all four of the new bridges...beautiful, solid (and probably expensive) construction...provides access to many popular trails including the Thoreau Falls Trail.
    Not so much.

    With the accesses they've already blocked, and blocked access to Thoreau already well underway, I wouldn't say these fine new East Side bridges are exactly bridges to nowhere, but they're working on it.

    BTW I happened to walk the East Side Trail back to the parking lot a few days ago and I don't recall walking over any of these marvelous new expenditures. I guess they can be bypassed if you stay near the River (the Pine Island Trail (?) and a subsequent short bypass route). Maybe it's just my poor memory.

    I don't mean to sound ungrateful for what they've graciously and generously given us from the warmth of their hearts.
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    good pics! They do look quite costly - and yet money is too tight to maintain bridges further in?????
    Yay for winter!!!!!

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    As I recall, the "new" campsite group located just before entering the Pemi Wilderness has pump out privies which must be accessed by slurpy trucks. Without good vehicular access they are high and dry. They weren't cheap either.

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    Maist interestin, Hillwalker. Maist interestin indeed.

    It turns out the district ranger has decided that the walk out to survey the Thoreau Falls Bridge is to happen after all. The district ranger and the dispersed recreation supervisor will meet the six hikers who signed up at Lincoln Woods at 9 AM. Of course, if people who are not signed up are ancountered along the route...

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