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  • Thanks for the greenie Tim! And congratulations to you too, once again. I hope to run into you on the trail some day soon, and at the ceremony as well I hope! Thanks for all your work as the webmaster. What would we do without you???!!!
    Well, like I said, it was a privilege to share your triumph on Mount Jefferson. Thanks for being so patient along the way! we are shooting for Saturday morning. Hopefully up the Airline to Adams, then over to Madison. Kim Scholle's group is heading up VW about 8:30, so we hope to pass along the way. We will probably start about 7-7:30, but I'll let you know!
    No sweat! Just hope people will use it. I don't like the bad rep the Obs gets. Not deserved. I find their weather info very accurate. Not much difference between ground level and the top of the tower.
    Understand about the breaking trail thing - I broke out a lot of trails in 02 and 03 but the last few years on the 4K's, have nearly always found packed out trails. It is what it is - conditions change in all ways, some easier some harder.

    No need for snowshoes on Osceolas today. I would have liked an axe on one or two spots to dig in as an anchor but was happy to have poles. Snowshoes would help breaking on buttslides but I stayed vertical in crampons. Stay safe.
    Good luck on the single season W48 Tim - I just saw that you were attempting that. That idea is often bouncing around on the back of my head too.
    I don't post much but depend on the site's information to decide where and when to hike. Please send me your address so that I can donate to the effort to keep the site going. Thanks.
    I don't post much but make decisions about where and when to hike based on the posts here. Please send me your address so that I can contribute to the effort of keep the site alive. Thanks.
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