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Tom Rankin
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  • Thanks for the green. Had any good new brews lately? I just found out that Saranac/LP Brewing finally settled their pi$$ing contest with the local distributor, so we're soon going to have Ubu on tap in Cortland. Woohoo!!
    Yeah, the dude was a W46r correspondent and a member of the Albany ADK Chapter. Little man, big belly, bigger ego. :)
    Hi Tom--una dogger suggested i contact you re info on Colorado--i'm headed that way this summer and am clueless; will be staying with nephew in Arvada?, suburb west of Denver for 5ish days and will have a car
    I haven't been out there since the Boy Scout jamboree in 1960 -hoping you have some suggestions. Below find what I sent my nephew as to "possible plans"--any suggestions?

    Quick background-I'm 63, have done the usual "stuff", 116, NEHH, 52WAV, YALP, 50 Finest, etc--almost always solo and am doing mostly trailess/wack/prominence stuff in Maine these days, but still like the NH rockpiles--speed/stamina fortunately still pretty decent-Washington via Great Gulf, Adams via King Ravine, Katahdin via ABOL, Hunt, Knife Edge, etc, still fine
    many thanks
    I am guessing i'd do day hikes -getting up super early to drive, be on mountain by early light (even dark by headlamp if i do a big one)-know that PM thunderboomers are a problem there.. I doubt i'd backpack or camp out as i'd need to bring a lot more gear for that. As to "what" to hike/climb?--don't know and flexible once i get there--all depends on how tough the trails are, if i acclimate well, etc (ne er been hi, except wandering up Hood in shorts, sneaks "T" (had no gear)to over 9000 feet 2 summers ago :)--silly me.

    Probably do some 1/2 day warm-ups and 1 or 2 bigger hikes. I'd really like to do a 14K while there. I know that places like Longs, Flattop, etc probably have hordes of people on them. I'd be just as happy to do "less well know" mountains that are nice with less people. I'm a big fan of open/above tree line hiking which probably isn't a problem out there. While there's no way to convey what i can handle (or would rather not) especially since we are in such different worlds-nothing technical and no serious exposure if it's actually dangerous. I don't mind big wide open space, or drops as long as i'm not on a really narrow ledge, knife edge, etc. --- scrambling around on rocks/slides/etc is fine. Probably won't mean anything to you, but my comfort limits are The Knife Edge on Katahdin in Baxter, ME and Hundington Ravine Trail (not the more touristy Tuckerman Ravine trail) on Washington. I'm not looking to do anything too adventuresome so far from home-hard "walk-ups", some scrambling is fine.serious elevation gain, fine
    I am completely obsessed... and this is coming from a girl who was convinced she would never enjoy winter hiking! :)
    great, you are welcome to stay with us, (or i'm sure my kid's house, if they are ever there!)
    I just got all the Catskill maps in the mail today. The Catskill guidebook is scheduled to be in tomorrow. I'm hoping to get out on some Cat hikes this summer, and can't wait! Your TRs have been a good inspiration for that, thanks!
    The NH Grid. I am working on it.....though it will take me 4 or 5 years to finish it. I love the idea of hiking each mountain in all months, watching how the different times of year affect the familiar trails and scenery.
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