Save the date: Pat and Audrey's potluck November 2

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Thanks so much, Audrey and Pat. Y'all are great hosts and such pleasant company. It was a lot of fun to meet so many fellow outdoors enthusiasts in one place. :) I went on to have a very fine afternoon in Boston, walking all around Fenway and then to the Commons and back, taking lots of pics all the way. They put a big Sox jersey and a beard on the George Washington statue in the Public Garden. Boston's a happy town. ...

Thanks to Pat & Audrey for hosting and bringing us all together each year! Always a fun time catching up and eating until we are overstuffed!!
Thanks for the hospitality, Hornitos and delicious spread. Visions of the dessert table still dance in my head.
Thank you as always for your awesome hospitality and a truly wonderful time!!!
Missed it this year, and knew I was missing a great event. Send silent hellos to you all as I was flying halfway around the world.
Dear Audrey and Pat,

thanks for hosting such a fine bash. You two are indeed the very best! It was great to see some old hiking friends and meet some new ones. Loved the three dogs, too:)

Had a great time.

Your friend,