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Thread: "The Wayback Machine" - surf the web like it's 1999

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    "The Wayback Machine" - surf the web like it's 1999

    For those of you/us who are new to views, check out what it used to look like courtesy of "The Way Back Machine" - a website that lets you see what your favorite websites looked like back in the day.

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    really cool site! thanks!
    NE 4k 67 x 2

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    Seemed like VFTT patches were always available back then. . .

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    Reviewing the past sites reminds me how much it would be beneficial to use the header on the VFTT pages to post general VFTT announcements and sticky subjects such as patches, t-shirts, etc.

    I link to the forum itself as one of my favorites ~ not the main page.
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    My gut is telling me no... but my gut is also very hungry.
    How many remember

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    I do, I do! Circa 1996, sophomore year at college. Back when you could tell someone "Just e-mail me" and most of them would just give you a blank stare.

    See it here:
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    Quote Originally Posted by hikingmaineac View Post
    For those of you/us who are new to views, check out what it used to look like courtesy of "The Way Back Machine" - a website that lets you see what your favorite websites looked like back in the day.
    While this site is nice in theory, to get the full turn-of-the-century effect, one would need to view it at dial-up speed, using their external 28.8k modem.

    Oh, the horror!!
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    Yah, that was back in the day when the Northeast section was just part of the site:

    I am trying hard to remember the original URL from 1994. It was like or something like that. I guess it doesn't matter, because even the wayback machine only goes back to 1996.

    So how many of you remember the iii days? Now that is waaaaaaay back.

    Always a trip seeing the old school stuff. I think I still have a box full of floppy disks with all the old original files. I dont have a floppy drive anymore though.

    A little trivia for ya:
    The first "Views From The Top" server was set up in my bedroom in my old apartment. It was a 386 computer and would serve up pages at blazing speeds over it's 9600 baud modem. That was of course blazing compared to my 300 baud modem from back in the day. At any rate, it is funny looking back at it and being amazed that I could be at work (or anywhere for that matter) and pull up pages and images from my computer at home.

    Of course I got busted for hosting a server and thrown off of VFTT was down for weeks while I looked for another provider (there weren't too many back then).

    OK, enough of memory lane.


    - darren
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    Thanks for the memory trip, Darren. I still have some Wordstar floppies and tractor feed dot matrix printouts. I signed up so early for email at my large place of employment that my username there is just my first name and first initial of last name. No johndoe87659392.......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raymond View Post
    How many remember
    I remember these days. Interesting reading the subjects, even back then people were looking for after hike meals!
    Have fun & be safe
    Mike P.

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    I guess I should remember the site from Darren's link as I was mentioned in the Gathering comments, along with the only one to have made it to all the gatherings, Stan. Of course I also remember taking a basic internet course at the local community college and the teacher talking about this new way to use the internet called the world wide web, he thought it was a good idea but was not sure it would catch on due to the bandwidth needed.

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    Yeah... I was there (or nearly there)! I missed the, but remember the lexicomm days - and rather enjoyed it's open format. You could easily scroll down the heirarchy and see who and what was posted. Unusual in today's protected world... back then a username had an email address included in each post (iirc) we would let that happen now, huh!! Nonethless, I entered into many enjoyable private email exchanges with fellow vftt'rs about hiking and life in general.

    Darren - just thing of all the hours and hours you have dedicated to this stuff! On second thought... maybe you shouldn't! Thanks for sticking with it!
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