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Thread: Women's SPECIFIC Gear (Especially Pants)

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    Cool Women's SPECIFIC Gear (Especially Pants)

    Does anyone make a really good pair of Women's specific pair of winter hiking pants? I feel grossly overlooked by the industry as a woman that hikes in the winter.
    I hate going in a store and asking for about such and being brought over to those well known soft shell white "ski bunny" pants then venturing into the men's section and finding multiple brands and models in exactly what I am looking for. I'm not picky and I have tried on tons of these men's pants. But alas as a curvy size 8 female that stands 5'3 the legs are always about a foot longer than mine and the thigh part of the leg is skin tight and the waist is always too loose!!!
    The EMS Helix Pant is a great example of this. I mean why doesn't EMS take a little extra fabric from the bottom of the leg and waist and add it to the butt hips and tights??? It can't be that hard or cost any more to make than the men's model!!!

    I have been in search of of these for years now...

    Features I am looking for (Not necessary for all of them)

    Ideal for climbing, backcountry hiking,
    waterproof, breathable protection
    Hard Shell
    Full-length, waterproof side zippers for venting
    Ankle gaiters
    Reinforced knees
    Reinforced inner ankle panels

    And while I'm at it, I would love to know if anyone has any amazing gear the would recommend for women!!!!
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    Have you tried looking online? Many gear stores don't have a fraction of what's available in stock- it just isn't worth it to stock items that there is little demand for. But if you check their websites, they tend to have a lot more options available.

    I have a friend who has a pair of Arcteryx bibs that she's been pretty happy with.

    Most people I hike with (male or female) tend to just use rain pants over long johns in the winter, however. Tends to work just as well as more expensive brands of winter-specific pants.
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    Custom gear is always an option depending on budget, you could contact Wild Things in N Conway and maybe have you dream winter hiking pant made for you.
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    A female friend bought a pair of men's (military surplus) wool pants, disassembled the upper portion, and resewed it to fit. If you can sew, perhaps you can do the same.


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    I wear a pair of soft shells pants (women's XC skiing pants) that I scored cheap at LLBean a few years back. If/when these ever fall apart, I'll look into these:
    but mostly because Mountain hardware seems to fit me perfectly, I have quite a few things from them and have never been disappointed. If you go directly Mtn. Hardware site, they sell a pair with suspenders, but at a price.,pd.html

    Good luck with your search!

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    It's never worth spending that much extra for something with suspenders, whether you're a guy or girl... when you can just go to the thrift store and get a pair of suspenders for like 5 bucks. If you're lucky, they'll even have some in the rainbow or piano key variety.

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    Niltiac, let me just say...I totally feel your pain. Decent winter running pants are hard to find, too. And...whine alert...when I do find them, they often seem crazy expensive! (And were probably made in a sweatshop, etc etc etc, waahh...)

    I do have some shell-type pants from Beans that I like, sort of like wind/rainpants. Waterproof/beathable, zippers, etc. And they do go well over a base layer and the combination is pretty hikeable. They even fit me well, which is something I have had good luck with at Beans but as they say, YMMV. As for the other features you mentioned, these pants wouldn't be the ones for you -- which is good because I can't remember their name. Probably worth a look at the Beans website though.
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    I have a nice pair of Moonstone pants.

    Give them a try.
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    My fiancee' got a pair these and loves them. Hope she doesn't see this price.

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    I wear REI Taku pants for skiing and hiking.
    When it's really cold I wear CB fleece lined soft shell exterior ski pants.
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    You might take a look here. They custom fit and offer options:
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    Finding womens clothing is even worse when you are short. I' 5'3 and everything is usually too long. In the winter i just my Precip rainpants over a long john layer. Usually patagonia light or mid weight pants. If it's really cold (below zero) I'll put a pair of fleece pants on too. I have the full leg zip pants so I can vent if i'm too hot. I wish they made gaiters for shorter people too. I have a pair of OR womans gaiters and they are way too long.

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    Moonstone products are great -- we have a hardshell, a pair of bibs and a sleeping bag here. But they went out of business several years ago. You can find bargains on eBay and elsewhere sometimes from folks who don't know the value of this brand. (I bought a like-new $200 winter bag for $28. )

    REI is one of the few reliable sources for women's outdoor clothing. I would take a good look at their offerings.

    Taking a look at gaiagirl's link above, I'm wondering whether she might have been referring to Marmot instead? This is indeed a superior brand (in some lines, THE superior brand), and they have a great selection of women's items. My wife has a down parka, a hardshell, a fleece jacket and a softshell jacket from them. I have two hardshells (one > fifteen years old), a pullover and a pair of winter gloves. Be prepared to spend a lot of money and use their stuff for a lot of years -- it's very high quality.
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    Yet another plug for REI products. I have a similar problem in that I have a short inseam. Am a big fan of their Mistral line as they have a comfort range of a big span of temps. They come in different inseam lengths. I have a pair of their Taku, but worn alone they're not as warm as the Mistral, so when it's cold enough to need longjohns, I wear them over the longjohns.

    I just a bought a pair of their Acme pants, which uses Schoeller DrySkin. However, Schoeller has changed that fabric, so it's not as warm as before. Good quality pants, and nearly similar to the Mistral but nearly double the price. Would steer you to the Mistral.

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    I have the EMS Endo. There were two models when I made my purchase and I chose the more expensive (naturally), heavier weight model. I don't know about length in the smaller sizes, but these were perfect for me until I lost some weight (yippee!) and now I need to wear a belt with them.

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