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Thread: Down Mittens

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    Has anyone used both Dachsteins and the Fox River type mitts? I've been using a pair like the Fox River ones (from Eddie Bauer of all places) for about 10 years. About 6 years ago, my newfie ate a big hole in the outer layer of wool. The hole was contained for a long time, but it is now getting bigger and more of a nuisance so I'm thinking about replacing them.

    Should I be considering Dachsteins instead? I have yet to find a hi-tech mitt (including the double layer ORs) of any fabric that even comes close to the warmth of my Fox River-esque mitts.


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    Mitt system

    I have never used down except for MTB in winter as they are to prone to moisture and compression as well as not being a flexible system.

    I do as the Sardog1 does

    My OR modular mitts are great, now showing their age, and it's unfortunate to see their production stop. I wear the shells (1) with Dachstein, (2) with the OR liners, (3) over gloves, and even (4) ala carte for rain protection in the 35-45 degree range.

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    I used to use Dachstein mitts and wore out a couple of pairs. They were warm enough for regular hiking, and I had some down mittens for real cold weather. When shopping for replacement Dachsteins, I found that the medium size was too narrow to slip my hands in and out of easily (they don't stretch much) and the large size was too long for my fingers. I tried on many different types of gloves and mittens and finally discovered the Fox River brand.

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    extra thing to pack, but light

    Down mitts might come in handy to sleep in. They are light and warm. You could then put your wool mitts and liners in your sleeping bag to prevent freezing. Not sure if it's all worth it, but thats my 2 cents.
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    What I do, from warmer weather to coldest:
    1) Poly Pro gloves alone (to ~20-25F)
    2) Poly Pro gloves with OR Overmitts (to ~20-25F, in snowy conditions)
    3) Fox River Double Rag Wool Mitts with OR Overmitts (to ~0F)
    4) Poly Pro Gloves with Fox River Double Rag Wool Mitts with OR Overmitts (below 0F)

    That has served me well, down to ~minus 40F.

    I used to use Down years ago for alpine skiing, but found the synthetics much better.

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