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Thread: Bigelows 1/1/13

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    Bigelows 1/1/13

    Great start to the new year but a tough hike to the Bigelows. Cold, windy and lots of trailbreaking. But views were great! Thanks to Kerry for most of the trailbreaking!

    101 of 115W! :-)

    We are up here till Sunday, anyone else?
    Tom Rankin
    Volunteer Balsam Lake Mountain
    Past President Catskill 3500 Club

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    I have to go there in winter, congratulation Laurie & Tom.
    Yvon Daigle ADK 46/46--NH48/48--NE67/67--NORTHEAST 111 115/115--52/52 With A View

    Les randonnées de Annie et Yvon (Website)

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    Hey, that's cheating, bringing in Kerry for trailbreaking! No fair.

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    OOOH. I'm salivating at the thought, Tom and Laurie. Nothing like the Bigelows, the Crockers and Saddlebacks in Winter. Um, um good. Come on, cold? You can call that cold after all your Adirondack hikes?! Happy New Year!

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    Great job! That winter 115 is a special one.Not many get that patch....Did you do the normal T or the horns loop?I would guess the T way.
    are you hoping to finish in Baxter this winter?Keep it up.....sasha

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    Congrats Tom and Laurie!! Nearly there!! you guys are hardcore... staying on top of the Bigelows till Sunday! Brrrrrrr!!
    What am I doing on this damn computer.... I should be out on the trails!!

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    I had to go back to your post to see it was the W115. AWESOME progress!

    41/46, 48/48, 66/67, 109/115 (and closing fast)

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