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  • In all the years I've looked at the slopes of Cannon on the way through the Notch, I've never seen any sign of bear. Yesterday there were two. One way up, the other near the base on the furthest right trail. Of course we went in for a look. It was about 70 feet up from the access road, nibbling and rummaging. Very cool. Afterwards, I thought I saw your Subaru on 93 South. That and the showers and sunshine and nearly hail and thunder, it was quite a day in the mountains.
    Hey..in all the commotion over that gal of yours..48/67/115..congrats on your own list..100..which is on my radar in the next year....great job..
    You're too kind, Tom! They weren't really in danger of anything except wasting the day trying to get somewhere too slippery for them to be able to walk on.
    I don't know, I don't know... I really am terrible at skiing. It'd be so embarrassing, but I think I should give it another shot. :p
    At least I lived up to my current avatar. :)
    (and didn't fall on the trail in front of you)
    Hey, thanks for the greenie! It was to meet you too, though I still have no idea what you actually look like, lol.
    Sabrina, You two need to get a room hahahahahahaha Wait dont you live together?.....I guess you have a whole house you don't have to talk naughty here hahahahahha
    Thanks! And sure, I'll try to remember to do that tonight. If I don't, just remind me until I do. :)
    hey..it was great to see you guys enjoying your passion for the outdoors...thanks for the greenie..hey..can you send me ski video..I need to work on my form......
    Heh-heh! Hopefully some day this winter I'll get to ski in temps warmer than single-digits...
    It was 3 degrees at the base, 5 below up top, and then there was the wind chill. I was definitely covering up my Darth.
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