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  • Thank you for the thoughtful green-spot, Michael. I had a truly wonderful time with everyone on Saturday, though I'm sorry you and I didn't have more of a chance to talk. Maybe next time! I know Tuckerman is anxious to hike with Terra again.
    Thanks for the greenie. Nothing like finding out that the trail you want to take has been broken out. Although perhaps less important for you since you hike with the number one trailbreaker anyway.
    Tell me about it! Yeeeeeeee-hawwwww!! Hope to see you and Sabrina sometime soon... :)
    Fort! Yes, I skipped it my first time too! I skipped S. Bro. too, so it was a good excuse to go back! Lots of good hiking up there!
    Tropical Storm Marty will probably end up going in the wrong direction, just like me : )
    Hey Michael here is the photo of you on Madison.
    walking back and forth is a highly subjective activity..about time you gave me some green, Stingy!
    hey micheal..thanks for the green square and look forward to see ing you guys over the weekend
    Surprisingly enough, I did. The wind whipped around and blew it back my way. I was so startled!
    this was certainly a different hike from when you guys were up there..thanks for mthe greenie
    Hi Michael! I see that you are the contact person for Madison --flags on the 48. I hike with Silver Fox a few times a week and would like to join the Madison group if there is room.
    Thanks Karen Maineri (Cymbidium)
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