Banff Film Festival World Tour 2010

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Sep 4, 2003
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New Hampshire
anyone going to Banff Film Fest shows this year ?

check out the intro movie here:

fri jan 29 Burlington VT
sat jan 30 Burlington VT

sun jan 31 Lake Placid NY

mon feb 01 Plattsburgh NY

wed feb 03 Lebanon NH

fri feb 05 Ellsworth ME
sat feb 06 Ellsworth ME
sun feb 07 Ellsworth ME

tue feb 09 Bangor ME
wed feb 10 Bangor ME

fri feb 12 Rockport ME

sun feb 14 Saratoga Springs NY

tue feb 16 Portland ME

wed feb 17 Durham NH

wed feb 17 Clinton NY

thu feb 18 Hamilton NY

fri feb 19 Ithaca NY

fri feb 19 Lenox MA
sat feb 20 Lenox MA

sat feb 20 Rochester NY
sun feb 21 Rochester NY

mon feb 22 Arlington MA
tue feb 23 Arlington MA
wed feb 24 Arlington MA

fri feb 26 New London CT

sat feb 27 Old Saybrook CT

sun feb 28 Glastonbury CT

mon mar 01 Middletown CT

wed mar 03 Suffern NY

mon mar 08 New York NY

tue mar 09 New York NY

tue apr 13 Jamestown NY

fri apr 23 Princeton NJ
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the last shot of the film is .....absurdist. I replayed that short bit five times. I'll be there the 23rd and 24th.
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Definately doing it again this year. It's a toss up between NYC and Suffern.

Dave, doing both nights?
Come for dinner!

Anyone who's going to the show on the 23rd in Arlington, Pat and I would like to invite to dinner. 5 pm should give us enough time.

We are 10 minutes from the theatre.
PR, I work on Tuesday night in Long Island until 6:30.....I'd have to time the LIRR perfectly...but I'll look at the scheduling.....

Monday I can go right after school from Queens and get into the city early to hang out, maybe even find a parking spot...will check out the schedule.....What's good for you?
I usually go to the one night show in Suffern... can't beat the Wurlitzer organ!!!

2 of the guys I'm going to the show with want to do Suffern. They usually go to the NYC shows but did Suffern last year, said it was way better. I'll bet you'll see PapaBear there? We met up with him afterwards for a brew n a chat with the organizers of the show at a bar up the street.

So Suffern it is... reminded me I have to reserve tickets ASAP.

Jay, see ya there?
Paul, yes, that would be cool. I know Rich (Papabear) would always do them in NYC, along with ex-east coast member Warren, but I've always liked Suffern, the atmosphere is pretty cool but parking sucks!

I hope to gather a few friends from another forum and maybe do the show. I sometimes go with ADK Chapter, North Jersey and fellow VFTT member askus3 but now that I don't work close to Suffern, this year is a bit different...

It is sometimes hard to meet at the place, but we'll try something...

I just got off the phone with Ramsey to reserve tickets for Suffern. They said I have to stop in the shop, cash only business, they don't mail em out. Now that just sucks because I live in NYC n won't get there untill the show. How stupid is that?

I'll have to call my friend in NJ to see if he'll pick up tickets for me, otherwise I'm heading to Manhattan again. Sheesh, NJ!
Paul, I don't work by any of the ticket agencies but I have a friend who does and is going, quite possible that I could have him pick up tickets and meet us at the theater or I usually do dinner at the Mason Jar beforehand (the MJ is in Ramsey, NJ just over the border from Suffern and probably a under a mile away.

They could probably do Ticketron but then the tickets would be $50 each. :D