Canoeist rescued after 3 months...Quebec

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spider solo

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Sep 4, 2003
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Here is a link to the rescue of someone who was paddling a bit more north in Quebec than where I go.

Seems things took a turn for the worse after the 1st month of a 2 month trip.
Not a lot of extra info yet as he was unable to talk.

I'm pretty curious, this was the 1st year we travelled with a Satellite phone in a different region, usually I travel with the SPOT device, either of which could be lost on a very bad day I would suppose... so hope he recoups and can say how it all came to be or how the trip unravelled.
Bear ate his food? Wonder how far he had to travel back to where he started? Weird...thanks for sharing.
Dog defends him from the bear, and 3 DAYS later he kills and eats his pet because he was starting to get hungry?!