Ran out of VFTT Stickers


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Sep 3, 2003
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Gorham NH
Well the old car which bore the VFTT sticker is heading off to new owner. I has one on my prior Civic and had one in inventory for the the then new Fiesta but that it was it. I carefully tried with a heat gun to salvage the old one but it shredded. Teejay (RIP) was the original maker of the stickers and used to bring an inventory to various events but still had a pile. I think someone contacted his family after he passed but never heard if the remaining inventory ever reappeared.

So unless someone has a stash its time to brand the new Toyota. I think the options for custom stickers has expanded considerably. What is needed is some reasonable resolution graphics. I remember it being discussed int he past but a search didnt pop up anything promising. So does anyone have a reasonable graphic file for the VFTT logo?

BTW after years of the old VFTT.com address being a ghost site, I entered the address and the name is for sale for $999.
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There's one in the upper left hand corner of the screen you are reaItding now...

When I checked it out, it was low resolution. I was contacted via PM from someone that has one.

I may still play around with the low resolution version and clean it up to higher quality image.
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peakbagger, if you want a sticker to tide you over, I have a couple extra.

I'd happily put one in the mail to you, from one Toyota owner to another!
Thanks for the offer but I think I am covered.

Its a step up from my Ford Fiesta, its a Rav4 Prime plug in hybrid so if my hikes are within 40 miles round trip, the drive is emission free as I charge it off of surplus solar. No doubt a future VFTT topic on low emissions hiking.
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