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Sep 4, 2003
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Please read this post completely!!!!

New VFTT patches and stickers have been ordered and are expected to be ready for mailing in about 4 weeks or so. (I'm completely at the mercy of the supplier.) Time to scrape up a few bucks and start sending in your orders now. The cost for stickers is $ 0.75 each and patches are $2.50 each. Copy, print out and complete the order form attached to this thread. Hopefully, everything will be explained by reading this post and the order form. In order to keep costs low, I will not be accepting Paypal.

I'll have good supply of these. But, once they're gone, they're gone, so get your orders in as soon as possible. I'll send them out in the order that they're received.

The stickers will be 3" high by 4 1/2 " wide with a rear adhesive. The patches will be 2" high by 3" wide with an iron-on adhesive.

Once the stickers and patches have been received, I'll post here and start sending them out. But don't wait, first in, first out.

These are being offered at very near their actual cost and I'm not raising any money for any charity, including Darren's favorite, The Brain Tumor Society. Of course, you're free to support TBTS or any other charity you wish but any donations should go directly to the charity. I am NOT a 501(c)3.

If anyone has any questions of a general nature that haven't been answered here or on the order form, feel free to post them on this thread. Any other questions or comments should be sent to my gmail account, teejaydk4 at gmail dot com. Please don't PM or email to my VFTT address.

Lastly, all credit should go to Peakbagr (Alan) who has done all the legwork on this; locating the supplier, negotiating prices and working out most of the details. Thanks Alan.



VFTT Stickers and Patches Order Form

Name:_________________________ email:________________

Address:_______________________ VFTT Name:__________



Stickers: #Ordered_______@$0.75/sticker______.____

Patches: #Ordered_______@$2.50/patch ______.____

Shipping, for Canadian orders only: $1.00 ______.____

TOTAL, enclose this amount: ______.____

Send this completed order form, with a self-addressed stamped envelope (US
orders only) and payment by cash, check or money order to:

Tom Jenks
P. O. Box 114
Elbridge, NY 13060-0114
Members have been asking for stickers and patches and they'll be here soon.
As TeeJay mentioned, once they're gone they're gone, at least for quite a while.

Since we are not registered as a non profit, VFTT cannot donate a portion of the sales to the Brain Tumor Society, a favorite charity of ours. Should you have it in your heart to do so, we would certainly be grateful if anyone decided to send them a donation.

On a separate note, Teejay will be posting a separate notice about VFTT hats and performance Tshirts. Final details being worked on.
When you get a chance, be sure you say thanks to him - he's going to be doing all the heavy lifting with the orders for all the stuff and is fronting the stickers and patches out of his own pocket. :)
Can you weigh the stickers and patches and figure out how many of each for each stamp? If I wanted 2 patches, for example, does that still fit in a one-stamp SASE?

Good question, Tim.

Can you weigh the stickers and patches and figure out how many of each for each stamp? If I wanted 2 patches, for example, does that still fit in a one-stamp SASE?

The last time I mailed stickers, five would fly for one first class stamp. More than that would require paying for an extra ounce ($0.17). The one patch I have weighs about twice as much as a sticker. But, the short answer is this: Don't worry about it. The longer answer: Just include one legibly self-addressed, first class-stamped envelope. Based on the orders I received last time, there is just enough "mark-up in the price that if you have a large order, say 20 stickers and 10 patches, I'll have enough to cover the extra postage or a larger envelope if necessary. This just keeps things as simple and fair as possible.

Canadians please note: Just include $1.00 for your orders regardless of size (see the order form). No need for a US stamp. Also, my experience is that your mail to/from the US is sloooow!! Eight to ten days each way compared to two or three days each way for domestic US letters. Take this into account.

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To keep the thread compact and a source for members with questions, Teejay and I are asking to avoid, 'my check is in the mail' posts. Deleting some, including mine :eek: to keep the thread useful.
I know cash is easier but I've been the victim of cash disappearing in the mail.

I know you always see "Don't send cash" when you're paying a bill. AFAIK, no one who sent cash last time didn't receive their stickers or I would have heard about it. I have a lot more faith in the reliability of the USPS based on my experience than I do someone in a faraway mail room sorting the company's mail.

Another Canadian note: Please try to scrounge up some US paper money. It's safer to send than a pile of twonies in a paper envelope that could get damaged in handling. Oh, and if you are paying with Canadian paper money, I'll take it at par.


Since it will still be a while before I start shipping the stickers and patches, I will be sending a quick email receipt when I receive payments. Also, checks will be cashed within a few days after they're received. It's better to do it this way so that no one is left wondering if their order was eaten by the postal bogieman.

Just keeping the thread fresh. TeeJay says the checks for stickers and patches are pouring in. Want to be sure all the folks who've been asking about these don't miss out.
Stickers have arrived

The stickers came late this afternoon. I'll be sending them out to those who ordered only them. Patches are scheduled for production but are not ready yet.

Look for pre-ordering details for hats and shirts, coming soon.


So far, orders for the stickers have been a bit slow, especially compared to the last time I did this. Where did everyone go who had to have them? Patch sales have been hot, though. So, keep those orders coming in.

I expect to receive the patches within a few days when I can start sending everything out.

All the sticker and patch orders received through today have been mailed. You should start receiving them as soon as tomorrow but most of you will get them Monday, April 4. If anyone hasn't received their order by next Wednesday, April 6, please let me know.

I'd like to thank everyone for their patience. No nasty emails, "Where's my stickers and patches?" And also thanks to everyone who included a bit, or a lot, of extra postage. Then there were a few, and you know who you are, who didn't enclose a SASE or even a stamp. I know who you are and there will be payback. A beer or a giant Snickers bar will do. LOL.

Now for the rest of you who've been waiting to order, do it now. Everything will be sent on the same day it's received, so no more waiting.