2011 VFTT Stickers and Patches


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Hi, I was wondering if there was still stickers available or if they have run out?

New Stickers

First time on the site in a while. You don't know how happy I am to find out stickers are available again. I'm still a little mad at the person who rear ended my car and wrecked my VFTT sticker. Thank you for taking the time and effort to provide this service. My order is in the mail!
Teejay may be on his way to the ADKs for the Adirondacks Gathering, and here thru the weekend. He may not get a chance to reply until next week. Last I spoke with him there are still sticker and patches left. I'm sure he'll reply when he's back unless he sees this before he departs.

PB(from the rainy Adirondacks)
VFTT Sticker and Patches: Reprise

Might as well bump this one back up. I'm still getting the occasional PM or email regarding the availability of stickers and patches. So, rather than keeping it a secret, y'all should know they're still available. Dozens of patches and hundreds of stickers. What better time than right now to order some of each to spruce up all that great new gear you got for Christmas.

All you need to know to order is back at the beginning of this thread.

Not to worry, Peakbagr, the money situation is not as bad as I first thought. Chip, I appreciate your offer but I'll match it and donate all the profits from the remaining stickers and patches to the site.

Get your sticker orders in now. What better way to help out the site. Just follow the ordering instructions on the first page of this thread.

Please read this post completely!!!!

New VFTT patches and stickers have been ordered and are expected to be ready for mailing in about 4 weeks or so. (I'm completely at the mercy of the supplier.) Time to scrape up a few bucks and start sending in your orders now. The cost for stickers is $ 0.75 each and patches are $2.50 each. Copy, print out and complete the order form attached to this thread. Hopefully, everything will be explained by reading this post and the order form. In order to keep costs low, I will not be accepting Paypal.

I'll have good supply of these. But, once they're gone, they're gone, so get your orders in as soon as possible. I'll send them out in the order that they're received.

The stickers will be 3" high by 4 1/2 " wide with a rear adhesive. The patches will be 2" high by 3" wide with an iron-on adhesive.

Once the stickers and patches have been received, I'll post here and start sending them out. But don't wait, first in, first out.

These are being offered at very near their actual cost and I'm not raising any money for any charity, including Darren's favorite, The Brain Tumor Society. Of course, you're free to support TBTS or any other charity you wish but any donations should go directly to the charity. I am NOT a 501(c)3.

If anyone has any questions of a general nature that haven't been answered here or on the order form, feel free to post them on this thread. Any other questions or comments should be sent to my gmail account, teejaydk4 at gmail dot com. Please don't PM or email to my VFTT address.

Lastly, all credit should go to Peakbagr (Alan) who has done all the legwork on this; locating the supplier, negotiating prices and working out most of the details. Thanks Alan.



VFTT Stickers and Patches Order Form

Name:_________________________ email:________________

Address:_______________________ VFTT Name:__________



Stickers: #Ordered_______@$0.75/sticker______.____

Patches: #Ordered_______@$2.50/patch ______.____

Shipping, for Canadian orders only: $1.00 ______.____

TOTAL, enclose this amount: ______.____

Send this completed order form, with a self-addressed stamped envelope (US
orders only) and payment by cash, check or money order to:

Tom Jenks
P. O. Box 114
Elbridge, NY 13060-0114

Just in case anyone can't navigate, I'll bump the instructions.
Thread reprise

I still have tons (actually about a pound and a half) of stickers left. What a great way to help a great cause. How much nicer it is to get a beautiful, glossy 3" x 4.5" sticker to slap on your car and gear so you can be sighted by another VFTT member. All you get from those other guys is another cheap sheet of tiny little return address labels to add to the pile you already have. There's only a handful of patches left, though. Get your orders in right away. Just use the order form at the beginning of this thread or the same a few posts ago.

Remember, I will be donating any profit from the sale of stickers and patches to Tim (bikehikeskifish) for support of VFTT. Every little bit helps.