wNEHH Finish - Sugarloaf / Spaulding / Abraham Traverse 02-14-09


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Mar 20, 2005
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Saturday 2/14/09 Al Dwyer, dRitter, and I will be attempting a Sugarloaf, Spaulding, Abraham traverse with car spots. Al will be celebrating his finish of the Winter NEHH list on Spaulding, and there might be a beverage or two at The White Wolf afterward.

I assume anyone interested in joining us knows what they are getting into and would be a welcome addition to the three of us for trail breaking. If interested p.m. me or post. We will be staying at the Roadhouse in Stratton Friday and Saturday night.

Hopefully this won't turn in to a Waumbeck / Weeks sequel... :eek: :D :D
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Good luck - don't let the snow patrol catch you!

Wish I could join you, but I've got a race scheduled for that day. I might be hiking something fun on Sunday, though...
Amazing! I was planning on doing Sugarloaf and Spaulding on Saturday. I too am staying at the Maine Roadhouse!!!

Fill me in on the details via PM, email or however.

Me and a couple of others are planning to try for Crockers and Reddington this Sunday. Any interested parties, PM me.
I just want to let you know that a group of 6 hikers from Quebec will climb Sugarloaf/Spaulding/Abraham this Saturday. With all these people, trailbreaking should be easy ;)
Sugarloaf ski patrollers

Definately let Double Bow set it up with these guys...he's got an inside track;)

Wouldn't be surprised if you might do a different approach anyway.

When I did it several years ago I stayed to the far right(which in the begining wasn't a ski trail but and approach for the groomers?)from the ski base and had no problem.

With all you folks should be an interesting tail indeed:D

On a different note...anyone possibly interested in a day hike for Hamlin/Baxter weekend of 2/28 3/1??? PM me asap as time to apply is very short:eek:
If you do it in reverse - Abraham to Spaulding to Sugarloaf, you can't get foiled by the ski patrol...
If you do it in reverse - Abraham to Spaulding to Sugarloaf, you can't get foiled by the ski patrol...

Last winter with Pierre (Oncoman) I hike those 3 summits from the ski
station and had no problem with the staff (start at 4:00 am).

Have an early start and it would be fine.
Congratulations Al Dwyer!!!

Heard that you, DRitter, Neighbor Dave and Michelle made it up Sugarloaf from the West Mountain Parking Area. Then you and Damon continued on to Spaulding where you completed your Winter New England 100 Highest Peaks!!! You da Man!!! WaaWhoooo, Way ta go Al ;)

Sounds like you missed ReJean's group who were probably just ahead of you.

Once again Congrat's Al...sooo...what's next :D:confused::p
Congrats Al Dwyer

I formalize the congratulations that I extended to Alfredo "Tear Down That Wall Mr. Gorbachev" (inside joke) Dwyer at the Stark Village Inn (where he was recovering before our second and successful attempt of The Muise [aka North Whitcomb]) for his completion of the NEHH winter list on Spaulding (also the last name for the proprietor of Stark Village Inn).
Yeah, my congrats too. Does any one have an official or semi official Number on completers of the W version?

I know that the AMC 4000-footer committee keeps "official" lists for the NH4s, wNH4s, NE4s, wNE4s, NEHH, wNEHH, and perhaps the Northeast115 and wNortheast115 (these latter two combine the 67 NE4s and 48 NY4s), and I believe that they are working to compile NHHH and wNHHH data, which have been much less "official."

Mohamed has a nice summary of list completions through 2001 on his website.

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