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Thread: HELP! I need fit models for climbing gear!

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    If you have any women models that show up and you have to reject because they're 36/24/36 make sure you tell them about VFTT would ya.
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    Oh, I knew this was going to head south at some point!

    Thanks for not dissapointing me!

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    Let’s see – drive to North Conway midweek, for a few hours, every month or two, to be dressed, pinned, poked, put through moves, photographed – for “I am quite sure I could talk the powers that be into providing you with both food, and some new gear for your time.” I would rather take good $$ for that.
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    Well, I am just one inch larger in chest, waist and hips, but my inseam is exact. Sounds like I might be a good pretty candidate, except that:

    • I am more of a hiker more than a pure climber
    • I am coyote ugly
    • I work in downtown Boston and will not be going to N. Conway on a weekday for a long time


    Hope you find the perfect candidates. This is a cool thread!

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    Quote Originally Posted by chinooktrail View Post
    Um, yeah, a 32" hip would be very trim.
    Or, you may be measuring it improperly?

    Or, you are just very fit!

    Oh. THAT hip.

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    Just to clarify, I am looking for people with the right body sizes to fit new garments on, and correct the fit of those garments to the body size.

    No need to be a hiker or a climber or know anything about being in the outdoors.

    This is FAR from being a modeling job, this is basically a 'live dress form' that we can ask to move and bend and tell us if it is binding or tight or whatever.

    Not looking for any ideas or opinions on the garments, other than the fit and the feel while wearing. Like I said, not glamourous at all. And it certainly doesn't matter if you hike or climb or sit on the couch with a remote, all that matters is you have the asked for body measurements, you are willing to try on a lot of clothes and move and bend as asked and are not afraid of pins.

    If someone is willing to help out, great, if not, no problem!
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    maybe you could make a reality show out of this.

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