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Little Rickie
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  • I cannot wait until you unveil your new avatar! I'm seriously waiting breathlessly. I KNOW this will be good. :D
    I LOVE the new avatar!! How did I not know that there were other people here as irreverent as I am?! Awesomely awesome :D.
    You spelled "avatar" wrong. I corrected it in the title but left it for you to correct in the body of the message.
    :D:D:D:D:D:DYou da Man.:D:D:D:D:D:D I'd give you more but the system only allows Twelve at a time. Better than no greenis at all.
    I really love the fact that you want to be my "friend" based on a somewhat snarky, though truthful, comment that I made. It makes me want to be your friend, too. I might even want to give you a greenie .... Here: :D. Now don't you feel good about yourself?!!!! :rolleyes:
    Luckily, I know better than to try.

    It was the number one request in the transition thread.
    It is the number one complaint moderators receive.
    It is the most-frequently cited reason why potential new members choose not to join.
    I have heard from one or two people that they've felt intimidated replying to the top greenie folks' threads because they have no reputation.

    This was not my decision, nor even my idea, but I do support it, as do Dave and Alan. I just have the 'power' to change the reputation system check box from "on" to "off". Lucky me :)
    I agree. A few years ago I stopped including distance, elevation, and time details in my reports. Occasionally I'm asked for the information and I handle it via PM. There are some very competitive people on this board. They can exercise their egos as much as they want. That's not for me.

    I know some folks don't like it but I really enjoy the benefits of deet in biting insect control. My favorite is Ben's 100. Good stuff!
    Thanks little Rickie, "good"? perhaps, but certainly not the best, that is reserved for others. Thx!
    Thanks for the greenie. It's interesting how the miles and feet just seemed to pile up. We never paid attention to either until recently.
    Thanks, Rickie. I'd take either. :) In all seriousness though, we're happy just to have this story out there. It's not about Alex or our family so much as it is a message of girl empowerment in general. If we can inspire even one other girl to get out there and go for it, then that's what we'd consider success.
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