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  • Thank you for the gift of the green-spot. The ledges of Moriah and Shelburne-Moriah have a Sierra-like quality to them -- they remind me of the kind of granite sheets you find in so many places in (what John Muir called) the Range of Light. Oh, and hey, HBD a day late!
    Happy birthday, my young friend. Hope you're out there doing something fun to celebrate the day!
    The big 2-2 has finally come! This means you have to do at least 2 days of back to back hiking of at least 22 miles each this weekend.
    Hey! We camped Sat. night in Perkins Notch and hiked up Carter Dome where we bumped into Mats & Meb, hiked over to N. Carter and out to Evans Notch. Heard you and Swamp hiked Wildcats & the Carters? - sorry we missed you too!
    Thanks for the Green! It was an awesome hike. When you want to hike it let me know. I can show you the way :)
    Ok! Saturday night I think will be pretty sparsely attended, but you are certainly welcome to come by, we'd love to see you! Bring some friends if you want! Whoah, I just noticed your b-day, same as our anniversary! Did you get the directions?
    you guys set the bar pretty high with all the terrific hikes you do..quite inspiring. It is amazing to me how well things have gone with the knee thing..I will keep pushing the window a bit more each time I guess..thanks so much for your support, good vibes, and a green square!!
    LRiz, I would indeed love to join you in a loop -- but there's no way I'm even close to being in shape for one. You would leave me gasping in the dust/mud after the second peak, lol.
    would have loved have banged out some easier peaks, but.....driving all around sucks!
    there is always thursday..... i got a few peaks that i want to get out of the way this week
    Many thanks for the green spot, Larissa. I'm sure you'll meet Tuckerman at some point -- he'd like that! But maybe by then I'll have finally trained him not to leap up into peoples' faces. See you on the trail soon. /Steve
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