Summer Hiking Goals

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My hope for this summer is to make a full recovery from my ACL reconstructive surgery so I can get back on the trail sometime in October.

This sucks.

Indeed. I hope you have a fast and full recovery!

I am feeling lucky after reading this. I just found out yesterday that I tore my left knee ACL recently in a skiing fall (back on 2/6). I also have significant bruising of the bones and hairline fractures of the left tibia, not to mention evidence of stress fractures lower down the leg (MRIs of both the knee and leg).

The funny thing is it didn't hurt much and I've been quite active since (skied several times, hiked, jogged, and even broke trail in 3' of new snow) but went to get checked out because of lingering swelling and discomfort and the fact that it wasn't getting any better. I was shocked to learn of the ACL tear since I'd imagined that type of injury would leave me flopping like the scarecrow. Now I have to stay off of it for at least 8 weeks. Based on the relative stability of the leg now, I will hopefully avoid surgery, but we'll confirm or deny that in about 8 weeks...Ortho Dr's more immediate concern was that I let the bone bruising heal now.

So, based on all that, my goal is simply to get back to the status quo in time for summer. I've never chased lists before, but I'm feeling a bit defiant and really warming up to the idea of idea of starting deliberately on the Catskill 3500 once I'm able. Hopefully this isn't too optimistic.
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Continuing my AT section hiking this year with three trips.

1. the 26 miles pf AT south of Moosilauke.
2. AT over Moosilauke to Kinsmans.
3. Finally, The Bigelows to Monson in ME.
Summer Climbing

Getting more into climbing and plan on heading out to Colorado to do some 13ers and 14ers! May also get out to California. Plan on doing more backpacking and joining some friends on a few AT sections and the Long Trail. Hope to make it to some peaks in Maine and possibly the Adirondacks.
heading to the UK to avoid being kissed by the good doctor. Complete a Bob Graham round in less than 24 hours while I am there. Bigger plans for summer 2011.;)
Spring '10: local training hikes (maybe some Catskill peaks) for...
Summer '10: Rainier, bay-bee!! :D Then less hiking and more rock climbing during the hot WX.
Fall '10: More ADK High Peaks -- I wanna at least get to the halfway mark of the ADK46.

Prob'ly will throw in some more of the NH48, too. (Maybe a summer ascent of Mt. Washington, as I've only ever been there in winter...)
My summer goals are a bit in flux, but basically they are:

1) One backpacking trip of about three weeks - probably the LT southbound. I love the trail, it doesn't involve plane fare and its just about the right length.
a) While I'm at it do a couple bushwhacks to nearby peaks like Big Jay and Mendon (I skipped them last time due to weather and time pressure).
2) Move Loki (my five year old Mutt) closer to finishing her 48.
3) Get in a few shorter backpacks. I still need Norwich to Maine Junction to complete the AT for northern New England. The Grafton loop also appeals.
4) Get back into the ideal weight range for my height, increasing the odds my knees will cooperate with my summer and winter hiking and backpacking goals for many years to come.
Right summer, wrong continent

This summer my plans are to take long walks each day around the state of Karnataka in India. While I'm doing that I'll be thinking about what I'll be climbing here in the fall.
Simple Goal

For this year I have a simple goal..... Just to hike as much as I can, where ever I can.

I have run a family business for many years and the last two years there has been precious little time for hiking. :( So I am hoping that this summer I can set aside the time to get as many hike in the Whites and the Daks as possible.
I have ambitious goals for this summer:
Just one week into Spring and I've got probably 20 notches in my list! I'm way ahead of everyone and you know what? They're lining up for me!

Go Spring and Summer!

-Dr. Wu
Finish first round of ADK 46. (11 to go)
Visit a few more fire towers, including Mt. Adams for restoration work project.
Do at least one Catskill peak.
Nundagao Range.
Jay Range.
my main goal for this year is to get my ankle back up to snuff and then get out as much as possible.
an ideal summer/fall would include hiking some high peaks in the adirondacks (particularly getting out to the dix and santanoni ranges), attempting some bushwack peaks in the whites, poking away at the the nh48 grid and maybe hitting some peaks in maine. would like to make a first time visit to the catskills as well. i'd love to revisit some long traverses in the whites (pemi loop, presidential traverse, kilkenny, etc.), but at this point those aren't looking likely in 2010 (though i hope to prove myself wrong).
enjoy the warmer months.

I'll be turning 48 in June, so my goal for the summer is to see how many of the NH48 I can do while I'm 48. Considering the shape I'm in it is doubtful that I will get to too many of them, but the challenge is inspiring me to workout more. So, we will see.


I have ambitious goals for this summer:

  • Kiss 1/2 the women on VFTT
  • Kiss 1/2 the men on VFTT
Even though that's just two things (that's 100% of the people on VFTT, right?) there are a lot of complexities and details to work out. Hoping to complete by September. Look out!

-Dr. Wu

If I hear banjo music does that mean the good Dr. is around the corner?

Like to get a day hike or two either in mountains of GA, SC or NC. Main focus will be increasing my endurance for some mt bike racing.
More time in the tent. Castle Ravine/Northern Presi basecamp. Southern Presi/Dry River loop. Pemi loop.

Have more goals than time - hope to

1) Deliver 108 more ice cream sandwiches to complete my 500 Ice Cream Sandwich Trail Magic list ;) Hopefully a BBQ near Greylock for the AT throngs, and/or another Taco trail magic hike.

2) Finish out the NEHH, "need"

VT - Dorset, Equinox, Jays, Stratton, Mendon
ME - Goose Eye, Baldpate, Boundary
NH - East Sleeper, Vose Spur

Feel free to come along if any of these are on your to-do list.

3) Finish a few more firetowers with my youngest, click off a few more NH4Ks with my oldest. Spend a good day or two downtown with my non-hiking daughter.

4) Baxter - Knife Edge and the Travelers. Doubletop and Coe if time and weather allow.

5) Up Cardigan and out the Elwell for a swim in Newfound Lake. One of the first hikes I fell in love with. It's been over 25 years since I last made this trip. I'm overdue to return.
1) Pemi loop run
2) Climb Maroon Bells & Pyramid peak in Co
3) Another Presi traverse, this time from rte 2 to Webster Cliff, not to the Highland center
Daks for the first time - not sure which 4k's we'll climb yet
Mt. Whitney - finally won some permits
Greylock - driven up it 8 times, but have never hiked it
Dry River Falls, Weetamoo Falls & Hawthorne Falls
Mt. Washington - seek the peak event
In-line skate the entire repaved Cape Cod Rail Trail
Stratton Mtn & Pond backpack
Finish the 48 on Madison - on a 70 degree sunny day that has a light 5mph breeze, no bugs, & no crowds :rolleyes:

Main goal is to get enough vitamin D out of the sun this year (I was deficient for all of last year, which means I didn't get out enough!)
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