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  • Dude, it was Divine Providence, just like you climbing the mountain at 3 am. If I climbed a mountain at 3 am there'd be unpredicted rain ad hail, not a sunrise and alpenglow. All I'd get would be rickets...
    jealousy is a terrible disease...worse than the flu even

    did not realize how close you were to us on madison yesterday...great pic you took and by the lighting about the same time we were there
    hey clay..thanks for the greenie..realized too late that should have had a pic of the offending wall but..oh well...happy thanksgiving..

    New environs are working out all right, except the pay is less than perfect. Hopefully some day I will get more. I'm content with living in New Eng, and taking advantage of the hiking once again. I used to take it for granted, but not anymore! We live in a great place that is for sure. Hope all is well with you.
    Any memories of the Grand Canyon are likely to be pleasing. What a place! I'm glad I brought some of yours back for you. Thanks.
    Thanks for the greenie. I can highly recommend Pleasant Mt. On the Ledges trail the views from the ledges are great, and the views on a good day from the top are outstanding. Pleasant Mt. is a massif that stands alone so the views are unobstructed by by other mountains.
    Thanks Clay. We were so fortunate to hit the snowy presidentials. It was another terrific vacation in the Whites. Looking forward to winter now.
    Thanks and YES, you would love it. There are some very interesting "peek a boo" views of Washington from the Dry River Valley.
    Clay, Glad to bring back a few Harper's Ferry memories. Heading up Friday to Franconia Notch area and Jackson for the week. All set for winter conditions above treeline!
    Thanks! Good karma is the kind you want. I think we get more out of this than we can ever expend.
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