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  • Thanks for the positive feedback. I'll surely post for my finish (which may be as early as next wekend). Hope to see you there, or on any other trail where the opportunity arises.
    Thanks, Clay. One of these days, I'd like to get out there and hike with you, do one of those sunrise hikes. That never happened this summer, our trip got in the way. Maybe sometime in the future..?
    No Problemo! BTW, Do you know how to make a cat sound like a dog?

    Answer: Cup of gasoline, a match => WOOF!
    Yes, I did. Cool stuff. Best view of Newfound Lake was from a ledge below Bald Knob via a ~40 yard bushwhack right off the trail just prior to the ledges, it is visible through the trees with a good eye.
    No, thank you.

    I took the route you described from the Cockermouth Forest. Aside from a logging operation, which has felled 3 or 4 large trees across the route, including one at a critical junction (sharp left off the original road,) it was a great hike! Followed by a nice kayak paddle around Spectacle Pond.

    What a nice "hidden gem" Crosby is, surprised it has taken so long for me to hike it while living in the area.
    thanks.. i had to write it sunday night or there would be less blow-by-blow because my memory is horrible. ha.
    Thanks for the Greenie on the King Ravine to Castles hike of Jefferson. It is appreciated.
    I think a break from trail work is in order. Best route for Alpine Garden (if Washington is not the goal)? Thanks.
    thanks for the greenie. It amuses me the way some folks get so riled up about stuff like this, with all the REAL problems in the world...
    Sorry I'm just getting back to you on this. Just got power and internet back. Got your email Thursday sounds good. Will also watch the weather.
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