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  • Thank you for the comment and the reputation point! So glad you enjoyed the post.
    Nancy (Wowser)
    Thanks for the kind words and green square! It's great to finally be back out there after last winter, which was a bit of a bust for me. I hope all is well with you... :D
    Thanks for the green square! We probably won't do the 67, since I'm spoiled living in NH and can't imagine driving all the way to Maine on a regular basis, lol. For Alex, finishing Trailwrights 72 and the winter NH48 comes next. Don't yet know for Sage. She wants to do a lot of slides and rock scrambles next spring/summer, so we might make up our own list.
    Interesting about the Personality Profile. Maybe it's just common with ISFP.
    Thanks for the greenie, I really appreciate it.

    We're pretty focused on the Whites right now and that will go through next year but we also have some open time. With generally one hike-day per week chasing the Grid takes time. Maybe we'll see about the NEHH. Sue is starting to really enjoy bushwhacks. Redlining is also a possibility. So many choices.

    Thanks again.
    Thanks for the greenie Kim! The day trips from RI are starting to seem routine now. This is our fifth one since May this year (and hopefully there will be a few more this fall). As long as you time things to avoid the traffic it isn't bad. Weekdays we take 495 in the morning to avoid Boston (unless we're getting a 4am start) and on the way back we play it by ear based on time. Weekend days and holidays traffic is generally OK. When we first started doing this a couple of years ago I figured that the limit was maybe 6 hour hike and something generally in the southern Whites. This year we've done an 8, 9 and now 11 hour hike and still fit it in as a day trip. Our friends say we're insane. I just say if it comes down to the choice between a long day with 400+ miles of driving vs. not hiking the choice is easy!
    Thanks for the greenie...I'm glad you understood why I couldn't come to RI. I was so excited for this to happen!!
    Thanx Kim ~ the no-you-can't didn't come from anyone that loves or supports me, just someone trying to bring me down. There are a couple of really great gals "who were born a few years earlier" that are an inspiration; Pam Bales & Mary Cullen. These ladies are an inspiration for all of us. Hope you are well and motivated for your own adventures!
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