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  • Mookie and i are finishing on Jackson sat, August 6th...you and Hui should come and join us!!!
    Thanks Kim! Hope the spark I set fans to flame some day! I certainly hope she grows to love it and takes trips like the ones I see you girls take!
    hey kim!!! found some funny pics from old speck a couple of years ago! Good stuff :eek:
    Thanks for the greenie! It looks like you had lots of company at the tentsite. We passed more campers on their way in as we were headed out. Hope you had a good weekend.
    ha ha ha, has it really been that long ago? i guess it took me three years to recover from the trauma!
    Thank you! Yes, it was a great experience, as it had been before and will be again! 8 ) I highly recommend the volunteer program to those that have the time and interest. Thanks for taking the time to check it out through my postings here!

    Thanks for the greenie, it was so wonderful...yes plans are needed for your next adventure...............:^)
    Donna was invited! Actually, we were gong there mainly for her. Meri 'needed' it for winter too, but I didn't even know that til we met in the parking lot.
    Thanks for the greenie. It sure was a brisk day. :eek: I wish we had stopped to visit but staying warm was pretty important - especially that far from the trailhead. Hopefully our paths will cross again soon. :)
    Thanks for the greenie and the Congrats!!!
    it was beyond words in so many ways!!
    I had been a little leery of the Grand Canyon because I thought it would be overrun by tourists. My wife knew better. It's vast, and with a little planning you can find your own private magic places, especially "out of season." You'll love it, and thanks.
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