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Thread: Happy Endings and New Beginnings!

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    Happy Endings and New Beginnings!

    A Grid-i-licous day!!

    Yesterday my quest for the Grid finally ended! I started my first “list” in November 2003 but I can not remember when it was that I learned what a Grid was and when I actually began keeping track of it….maybe sometime in 2006? It’s been a most wonderful journey and I have made so many friends along the way and the memories of all my adventures will last a lifetime. There are a few who were instrumental in helping me reach this goal and I will always be forever grateful to you….its not that often you can find someone willing to hike Cabot four months in a row or head out to Isolation on a rainy April day. Trail Angels do exist! Thank you, thank you, thank you! So yesterday around noon time as I turned the corner to take my final steps toward Flume I was greeted by a large crowd cheering me on. Thank you to all who came! A beautiful day it was and how wonderful to celebrate with so many friends.

    As with every end to something there is always a new journey to begin. On Thursday I will be flying down to Atlanta and will attempt a thru hike of the Appalachian Trail. This has been a dream of mine for many years and its hard to believe it will begin in just a few days! It will be nice to explore new trails and I am very excited to make some new friends as I make my way back home. I am hopeful that most of the snow down south will be gone by the time I get there….I have an online journal for those of you interested in following my adventures along the AT.

    So…..I guess that’s all for now!


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    The NH 48 grid couldn't have happened to a nicer person. How many have completed it?

    And now the AT. You don't believe in letting grass grow under your feet do you?

    How MANY Pemi Loops fit into an AT through hike?

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    and don't forget the stitches on that rainy april day....

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    Congratulations. MY husband Fran was one of the partygoers! Very impressive finish. It just shows that it takes one step at a time over time!
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    Congratulations, what a beautiful day you had for your big finish!!!

    Wishing you more sunny days, beautiful views and many new friends on your next fun adventure!!

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    Congratulations on your finish! I know how you feel, and it can't be described.

    It was great to meet you and Drew this month knocking off some Adirondack peaks. I guess the 46W list will remain open for a while, till after you come down from Katahdin. Good luck!

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    Great job MEB !
    Bummed I couldn't join the celebration.
    Hope to catch you on the AT at some point !

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    Out of control

    No words, just amazement over here! Have a blast on the trail!

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    Congrats! Looking forward to the updates on your next journey!

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    Congratulations! And have a wonderful journey on the trail!
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    Most sincere congratulations, Mary Ellen! You are a real inspiration and a real trooper! I wished I could have been among the cheering crowd yesterday.

    Good luck on the AT!

    Maybe a silly question, but will your AT trail name also be MEB?
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    Thumbs up

    Well done MEB!! It must have been Gridlock at the trailheads yesterday.
    Good luck and have a great time on the AT!
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    What am I doing on this damn computer.... I should be out on the trails!!

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    Right on MEB! I'll have to bet you'll have a blast on the AT! Best of luck 2 U!
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    Wow, so you start the AT about 5 days after finishing the Grid? Quite a coffee break! My son (trailname Dynamite) did it northbound in '08 at age 22 - best experience of his life. Enjoy it all!

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