Boston Beer Night - Tues Oct 19

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Mar 28, 2008
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Ee Aww
I'll be back in town for a few days and thought it would be fun to try to get some VFTT-ers out for a beer night. This place has worked well for a couple of past events. Close to public transportation and plenty of parking available behind the building.

I'll plan to be there around 6pm (although Stev-O is usually there by 5):D
Hope to see you there!

Hey sounds great Rebecca,

Steve-o and I were just talking yesterday about a Beer night when you come home to viist....Great minds think alike!!

Thanks for picking a Tues.....I'll try and make this one! :D
I'll try to make it. Will there be free chicken tikka masala or Cumberland sausage for the first to arrive?

BTW don't you people in the commonwealth know the world is round? :confused:
hmmm, I have been living in a different world for too long. Rebecca, where are you now? If closer to Beijing than to Boston, we can have beer night in Asia.
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Yeah, too bad you had to stay home. Drowning your phone so we couldn't call and text you to harrass you into coming was a bit extreme though :p
yeah.. funny timing about that.. ;)